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The Better Finance Podcast

Jun 10, 2020

Trust is the foundation on which organizations can build stakeholder confidence and active participation with their AI systems. However, in the finance world, one mistake, or the perception of a mistake, can harm an organization’s trust in the technology. How do finance functions build trust into their AI? 

Podcast host Myles Corson welcomes Cathy Cobey, EY’s Global Trusted AI Advisory Leader, to discuss how she helps organizations understand some of the new risks that AI brings and how, most importantly, they can start to create the right governance and control mechanisms.

They explore the broad definition of AI, and its growing use in the COVID-19 landscape. With AI introducing new risks and impacts that have historically been the purview of human decision-making, organizations need a new framework for identifying, measuring and responding to the risks of AI to make it operational. © 2020 Ernst & Young LLP.