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The Better Finance Podcast

Jan 29, 2024

In this episode, host Myles Corson and Phil Shelley, Chairman of doc Stribute, delve into the significance of clear and consistent CFO communication across all business areas. They explore its role in attracting the right shareholders, stakeholders and employees, and highlight the actions taken by successful CFOs to foster effective communication. 

The episode underscores the importance of cultivating the right organizational culture to effectively execute a company's mission and vision. Without effectively communicating these goals, CFOs and their organizations risk attracting the wrong investors and talent, especially in a market where prospective employees and shareholders prioritize understanding the culture they will be a part of.

The episode also discusses the role of technology in the business world and the need for organizations to strike a balance between maintaining alignment and adopting new technologies into daily employee tasks. They also discuss Mergers and Acquisitions, emphasizing that transparent communication, regarding the acquisition's objectives, can be crucial for smooth transactions of this nature.

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